The Linceo Bird


The Linceo Bird is no longer going to be the activity feed for the site. Instead that task will now be fulfilled by LinceoGram. Since the Linceo Bird renders markdown, it's going to become a blog (a real one when get around to adding an RSS or Atom feed to it).

I hope everyone has been enjoying the website. If you would like a website for your own little one, think about a domain name. Then please reach out to Taylor! My rates are reasonable.


New Camera and Legos linceo-cam.jpeg Thanks for the Legos Aunt Carlee and Uncle Matt, also Cousin Bennett!

The view from the Linceo Cam: linceo-cam.png


New Hess Truck hess-truck.jpeg This is a very noisy truck ๐Ÿ˜€


New Animal Legos animal-legos.jpeg Thanks Uncle Mason


A new Carwash toy. Well old enough that I had one as a kid, but new in box! It was really fun to put this together. IMG_1276.jpeg


Jump park fun linceo-swing.jpeg Thanks for the pass Grandma & Grandpa Young


Fun on the swing linceo-swing At the indoor park

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